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Brownie heaven bagged a lot of raving reviews right in their initial days and those reviews were making rounds on almost all food forums on Facebook. After going through some constant positive reviews consecutively, I decided to order from them.

Initially they were just a delivery or a takeaway outlet from where I ordered almost all their brownie flavors (let’s come to that point later).
Very recently they opened their dine-in outlet which I visited with a few other foodie buddies of mine.

The outlet is pretty small but good thing is it’s not cramped. The small space is used quite efficiently with the display counter at one end and the rest of the space having a couple of tables and chairs. There’re about 4 tables which can easily seat upto 16 pax at a time with enough spacing between the tables and way to walk in between.

Our Orders

Filer coffee soda – Sounds very very weird no? I know! I felt the same when I heard the name. And true to it’s name, it’s a filter coffee based soda. Very unique and need a strong liking towards both the ingredients to like the taste of the drink. While my fellow foodies enjoyed the drink, it didn’t suit my taste buds much.

Brownie Popcorn – This was new at the time we had visited and off the menu too. We were the special lot to taste this for the first time! (LOL) The dish might sound really exotic but as the name says, it’s just the mixture of those two ingredients – brownies and popcorn. I expected the popcorn to have been tweaked with brownie but much to my disappointed that wasn’t the case. It was crushed brownie, topped with usual popcorn with some honey drizzled on top. You can easily get the distinct flavors of both. Tasted quite fine !

Brownie Web #2 – There are 2 types of brownie webs, both varying in types of sauces and ice-cream flavors. Web #1 being a mix of Brownie, Chocolate Sauce, Strawberry sauce and Mint ice-cream while Web #2 being a mix of Brownie, Chocolate Sauce, Toffee sauce and Vanilla ice-cream. We opted for the safer option – second one. None of us were in mood to experiment with brownie and mint ice-cream combo.
Coming to the Web #2, it tasted exactly like Brownie with Ice-cream that one can get anywhere in the city, which is like a staple dessert in recent times. Except for the catchy presentation which had the web designs made with the sauces.

Nutella Brownie – This was also missing from the menu when we visited. It was recommended by Chef Nishanth himself. This was Nutella brownie topped with whipped cream, shredded nuts and drizzled with chocolate sauce and nutella. I expected it to have the gooey-ness of nutella but again, it tasted like the usual brownie only. And yet again, the presentation was simply wow!

Service was a bit slow.
Each of the items were priced at 150 INR each and Soda was 80 bucks. Yes, it’s definitely priced moderately but still, I would like the brownies to have a bit more uniqueness in them.


(Now, let’s go to the flashback when it was a just delivery/takeaway place.
Initially, I just ordered their Classic chocolate brownie and Roasted nuts. 500 gms each which costed me around 850 bucks along with 100 bucks of delivery charges. Chef Nishanth himself came all the way to Choolaimedu from Kotturpuram to deliver the brownies.
Next batch, I ordered when they introduced their White chocolate assorted brownies (4 types of brownies in one pack, 4 pieces each) – Classic, Coffee, Chilli and Orange. This time I got it delivered to a friend’s place and it costed me 450 INR with 50 bucks of delivery charge.
The third batch of my order were another White chocolate assortment flavors – Nutella, Oreo, Rum and Butterscotch. Paid 450 bucks for the same.

Now coming to the flavors:

  • Classic chocolate: Truly classic. The best of the lot.
  • Roasted Nuts: With the name, I assumed it would be really nutty but nuts were just sprinkled on top and nothing in the batter. Was a little disappointed.
  • White chocolate (WC) classic: Another classic. Second best of the lot.
  • WC Coffee: Had a mild coffee flavor. Nice.
  • WC Chilli: Sweet brownies with a hint of chilli. Unique and really good.
  • WC Orange: Subtle orange flavor. Good.
  • WC Nutella: Gooey and nice.
  • WC Oreo: Had bits of orea inside. Liked it.
  • WC Rum: Didn’t get any rum flavor. Felt like m eating just another white chocolate brownie.
  • WC Butterscotch: Yummy. A tad too sweet for my liking though.

All the brownies were delivered right on time. Excellent service.
Prices are a lil on the higher side but it’s all worth it.
His classic dark and white chocolate brownies are a MUST TRY..)

Points Breakup:
Ambiance – 3.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
VFM – 3.5/5

Address: 193, Peters Road, Diagonally Opposite to New College, Royapettah, Chennai
Phone+91 9944923555 / 044 45493494
Brownie Heaven Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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