Name Your Personalized Chocolate Cups After You with Fabelle

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if you could be the master chef, make your own chocolate cups and also name it after you? Fabelle is here to fulfill that wish of yours!

Fabelle isn’t a brand that’s new and unknown anymore. Being India’s 1st luxury Chocolate Boutique, they have made their name and fame already, especially among the Chocolate lovers for their yummilicious range of creations. And with the unique concepts like Raksha Bandhan campaign and AsYouNameIt campaign, they are sure to strengthen their place in the Chocolate world.
If you ask me to describe Fabelle in a line, I would just say “Think Chocolate, Think Fabelle“.  Continue reading


Habanero – RA Puram

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Oh yes, Mexican food lovers don’t need to frown anymore because the Mexican king is back with a bang. After closing down at Phoenix, Habanero reopened it’s doors in RA Puram at J’s Five Two and now even the thirsty souls can get their dose here! Having delicious tex-mex food, along with some beer and cocktails, wearing the cowboy hat (yes, they have these too), sounds killer right? Continue reading

Dialogue In The Dark – EA, Royapettah | One Magical Experience

Imagine yourself in a room full of darkness with just no hint of light, where you can’t see the person next to you or what you’re eating or where you’re walking! What will it feel like? Scary? Dialogue in the Dark would change that feeling for you! In a world so colorful where we believe ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’, DITD would change that perception and make you feel things instead; beautifully!

Dialogue In The Dark Continue reading

When I became a ‘Judge’ for a ‘Cooking’ competition

Haan haan laugh laugh.
I’m sure people who know me well are laughing at the blog title but you can stop now gaaiz. It’s true – I was one of the 3 panel members in a cooking competition held by ITC Masterchef Spices recently at the Express Avenue Mall.


About ITC Master Chef Spices

ITC has recently launched a new brand, “ITC Master Chef” with four masala variants developed by the Master Chefs of ITC. Continue reading

Va Pho – Asian Canteen, Gopalapuram


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The new Asian kid in town grabbed my attention from the very first day I spotted it (which was also the day they opened for the public), while going to office. The yellow cycle that is visible from the road is quite attractive in itself and you cannot ignore it once you see it. Quite an attention seeker, that cycle, I tell you! Also, their name is pretty interesting for people in Chennai as it sounds like Va-Po which means Come-Go in Tamizh. But what Va-Pho actually means? Read on and you’ll know! Continue reading

Intercontinental Resorts, Mahabalipuram – An experience to remember

2016 is ending and if I don’t get done with this post today, I’ll never be able to forgive myself because, this was easily THE best experience that I had in 2016.


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Blog turns a year old and co-incidentally (all thanks to my laziness) this is my 100th post too, hence it had to be something different and special. So, here I start with my Staycation reviews and experiences and there couldn’t be anything better than Intercontinental, Chennai that gave me one of the best experience (a memory I would cherish forever) in just two days.  Continue reading